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Welcome! I'm Ellie, a Florida Bar Exam coach and the creator of Mind of Legal Matter where we approach Florida Bar essays one mindful step at a time!® At MOLM we aim to help you:

  • Experience optimal results on the essay portion of the Florida Bar Exam
  • Improve your issue spotting skills and gain competence on essay writing
  • Know which rules are fundamental to memorize

Focus on the Florida Bar Exam Essays

MOLM courses are broken down into short 10-15 minute videos walking you through essay subjects that are tested on the essay portion of the Florida Bar Exam. I also provide you with additional tips and resources such as:

  • Several tips on how to effectively continue studying for the essays up until the exam date 
  • How to create and organize your outlines 
  • How to tackle an essay if you “panic” and don’t know what to do! 
  • How to organize the issues and rules when it is time to write the essay!  

As an added BONUS there are also 100 Florida Multiple Choice practice questions, Black Letter Law quizzes after each subject, and more!*

I bring to you what I’ve been doing for several years one-on-one with my students. Now I have created these videos and you can do this on your own, at home, at your own pace! Congrats on taking this first step!

*100 Florida Multiple Choice Practice questions only available with master course purchase

© The Florida Board of Bar Examiners questions and study guide are copyrighted by U.S. Copyright laws and have been reproduced under the express written permission of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners. The Florida Board of Bar Examiners does not endorse or recommend any commercial bar examination review courses or services.

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MOLM Courses Cover

  • Torts
  • Ethics
  • Torts Products Liability
  • Florida Con Law
  • Federal Con Law
  • Contracts
  • Lightning Sessions
  • Family Law
  • Property Essays
  • Criminal Law
  • Florida Business Org (Coming Soon)

Our courses are completely self-paced – you decide when you start and when you finish.

Mind Over Legal Matter
Individual Mini Courses

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  • Buy only the individual courses you need
  • Short bite sized videos 10-15 minutes in length
  • Multiple choice questions covering black letter law for commonly tested Florida ESSAY subjects.
  • Access to course is for 60 days from date of purchase or first day of bar exam (whichever comes first).

The Complete Mind Over Legal Matter Master Course

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  • Access to ALL 10 courses
  • Over 14 hours of videos broken into short 10-15 minute lessons
  • Multiple choice questions covering black letter law for commonly tested Florida ESSAY subjects.
  • Sample essay answers
  • Mini-outlines covering the essay subjects to help you memorize framework
  • 100 practice Florida MC questions and short videos covering how to approach Florida Multiple Choice Questions
  • Predictions posted 1 week before exam
  • How To Memorize and How to Organize Your Last 2 Weeks of Studying
  • How to Calendar Your Essays and How to Optimize Your Time
  • Access to course is for 60 days from date of purchase or first day of bar exam (whichever comes first).

 "The best thing that helped me was the mini outlines for each possible topic. Even if its one essay, go over EACH testable topic. I failed to do that the first time, and I was devastated when I got two essay topics I had never reviewed. This time, THANKS TO THE CLASS I was able to go over topics I probably would have skipped before. I scored over average on EVERY essay. I truly feel had I not taken the class I would not have done as well as I did. Your teaching style works well with everyone. We were all able to follow along, and take valuable information with us from each topic. Ive recommended the class to everyone I know who is taking July’s Florida portion. I wish you taught an MBE class, I would totally take that!!!!!

— Jennifer Purvis, Esquire

Meet Your Instructor, Ellie.

Welcome to Mind Over Legal Matter®, where we approach Florida Bar Essays one mindful step at a time!

I have been tutoring for the Florida portion of the bar exam since 2012 and have had great success with students. Since 2012, I have also been a grader for practice Florida and UBE essays for several law schools as well as a reputable commercial company. In a previous life, I was an educator and several years later, became a lawyer. As an attorney, I practiced as an Assistant Public Defender upholding every individual’s Constitutional rights as well as a former litigator in a prestigious civil litigation firm.

After awhile, I felt the urge to teach again and began teaching at a local law school, primarily focusing on essay writing for the Florida Bar Exam. I currently tutor for the Florida Bar Exam with a specific focus on essay writing and how to conquer the Florida portion of the exam.

Mindfulness and gratitude is part of my daily routine to stay grounded! I am also a grateful mom, wife, and animal lover! My favorite hobbies include reading, going to the beach, and spending time with my family. Every day I wake up at 5:30am and meditate for one hour prior to starting my day. I also end the day with prayer and meditation.

Get ready to change your attitude about Florida essays! You are on the right path now to passing the Florida Bar Exam!

***Quick note about MOLM Mascot*** My beloved dog, Marco, who you see in the picture above as well as in many of the MOLM videos, passed away in 2021 at almost 16 years old. Marco will forever be memorialized as MOLM’s official mascot and I dedicate my MOLM business to you, Marco! I LOVE you so much and may you rest in peace!***